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The Redeemed Christian Church of God The Living Spring Centre is run by the Holy Spirit and the divinely inspired leadership of the Senior Pastors. The Living Spring Centre operates a system of teams with the workforce several ministries who fall under five major teams for ease of administration.



Who are they?  The evangelism team are a group of ‘House of praise’ volunteers who are dedicated to bringing the Gospel to the local community every saturday in turn to win souls for the kingdom of God; as well as ensuring that every  individual members of ‘House of praise’ are committed and develops a zeal towards soul-winning. As…


Deliverance Team

This is the team dedicated to deliverance. This team is responsible for praying specifically for deliverance where the need arises.


Pastors’ Prayer Partners

This is a group of people dedicated to upholding the hands of the Pastors by praying with them, encouraging them and being their Aaron and Hur lifting up their hands so they do not tire.


Intercessory Ministry

This is the team of prayer champions dedicated to lifting the church up to God in prayers at all times. This is effectively the engine room of the church as they work endlessly behind the scenes,praying hard for the church, the ministers, the members and whatever needs has been brought to their attention specifically.


Building and Maintenance

This team supervises all building and grounds maintenance activities. They carry out hands – on repair works as well as supervise/manage maintenance and construction projects of all House of Praise properties.


Music Ministry

This ministry is responsible for the general upkeep of church equipment. They deal with health and safety issues, procurement, maintenance and repairs of all technical, sound, lighting and associated equipment within the church inventory.



This team is the support team of the Senior pastors and any guest ministers. Ensuring they are comfortable, doing Airport runs etc. They are very vital in ensuring the Servants of God are fully focused on delivering the word of God without any unnecessary hassle.



The church has a team of people passionate about entertainment, and the proper care of Pastors and Guests. The Hospitality department ensures all guests to the House of Praise are well entertained, wining and dining them appropriately and as at when due.

Accounts & Finance Team

This team is responsible for managing the accounting activities of the church, including payment of expenditures, accounting properly for the contributions made by church members, budgeting, and the maintenance of the financial records, and the periodic reporting of the church’s financial status.


Church Administration

The Admin team of the church ensures the Pastorate is given an efficient administrative support and their goals are achieved as at when due whilst also ensuring that the church and services are run efficiently.

Information Technology

In this day and age, IT is vital to everyday living. The church is not left behind. These days, the church is very IT dependent, and this team looks into the IT needs of the church and propose solutions. It’s made up of a team of highly skilled volunteers committed to the progress of God’s…



The one stop shop for purchasing spiritual and motivational books, bibles, DVDs and CDs of messages and gospel music and other learning materials.


Publication department

This department is in charge of disseminating and collating information within and outside HOP. The department also publishes the in-house publications of HOP, like Praisereel and the monthly Newsletter.


Teenage Church

A very exciting ministry at HOP is the Teenage Church, where teenage children fellowship together in a service specifically designed for them. Using language they understand and worshipping in a mode and manner that they understand. This is one of HOP’s most vibrant ministries producing exceptional young men and women who are well trained in…


Membership Care Department

This is the department dedicated to the welfare of the church members. The department is aimed at closing the backdoor of the church by ensuring that members needs are met whilst also organising programmes targeted towards the personal development of members.


Singles Ministry

This group attends to single members both male and female. Giving them an avenue to fellowship in a Godly setting growing together spiritually and getting ready for a glorious future.


Women’s Ministry

This is the group that represents all the women in the church. This is a forum for women to receive support for women related issues as well as fellowship together, encourage each other and engender corporate development of all women.


Membership Class

Membership class helps new members to understand our vision and character as a Spirit-filled, multi-national and networked church. There are trained teachers teaching different sessions designed to help new members grow in Christ


Counselling and Follow Up

This is the group that caters for the needs of visitors and new believers in the church, ensuring they receive the adequate support they need either to settle in the church and find a place or when they have just made a decision to accept Jesus Christ as their lord and saviour, to provide them…


Bible Study

Similar to Sunday School, however this class holds every Wednesday, helping members dig deeper into the questions and seek answers to questions they are probably unable to ask during a Sunday service.


Sunday School

Every Sunday, the members are given an opportunity for deeper Bible study during a session called “Sunday School”. This is one of the oldest traditions of the church, and helps the spiritual development of members. The Sunday School Manual is carefully prepared to equip the students with essential spiritual growth tools.


Ushering Ministry

The Ushers maintain order before, during and after the service in and around the church. They are also available to meet the needs of the worshippers, visitors and every member of the church.


Music Ministry

This department includes the House Of Praise Choir, Praise/Worship team and all the musicians. They focus on leading worshippers into God’s presence with their voices and instruments.


Media Ministry

The multimedia team handles audio-visual recording and display of the church programmes and events.


Men of Valour Ministry

This is the group that represents the interest of the men. Constantly seeking an avenue to encourage and develop the men spiritually, emotionally and financially. Sharing tips on how to develop one another as well as creating a forum for men to receive direct support for men related issues.


Children’s Ministry

The church has dedicated spaces reserved for taking care of children and toddlers. The children church is manned by men and women who are skilled in taking care of children and feeding them with the word of God at this very early age. The children church ensures that children are not a distraction during services…


Meeters & Greeters Ministries

This is the team, dedicated to welcoming members and visitors to the church during our service ours. They are there to make visitors feel welcome, provide directions whilst answering general enquiries with enthusiasm creating a warm atmosphere around the church.


Drama & Dance Ministry

Drama: The drama team brings the Gospel and the message of salvation to life, using their artistic skills to paint vivid pictures relating to everyday living.


Community Service Ministry

This is the team that focuses on reaching the community for Christ. This team make it their duty to take care of non-members of the church by designing and activating projects and programmes that will take the gospel of Christ to the community whilst at the same time meet the needs of the homeless and…


Photography Ministry

House of Praise has a team of skilful photographers who ensure all major events in the House of praise are captured for future reference and for use in our publications and media.


Leadership Academy

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